Do you have a different nationality from your spouse and are married abroad? Or were you married in the Netherlands, but now live abroad?


The question then arises whether the Dutch court has jurisdiction to decide on the international divorce, but also which law should then be applied to the request to pronounce the divorce. Moreover, these questions also apply to all other issues that need to be settled in connection with the divorce: the division of assets, spousal support, child support, child care arrangements and pension equalisation.


In case any of the above international issues arise, international law has to be applied. International law is a complex area of law consisting of national legislation and a jumble of treaties. It is therefore important to seek advice from a lawyer specialised in it. Küppers & Odekerken has this specialisation within its office and creates clarity from the very first conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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International divorce

The decision to separate is difficult enough, but what if there is also an international aspect. This step-by-step plan on filing for an international divorce will help you get started.


StEp 1: 

Seek expert help. Advising in an international divorce requires specialist knowledge. It is important to sit down with an expert lawyer. This will ensure that your international divorce is handled properly.

STEP 2: 

It will have to be investigated whether the Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear your request for divorce with ancillary provisions. Which law applies to the international divorce and all other issues that need to be settled in a divorce? As mentioned earlier, the division of assets, child care arrangements, child support, spousal support and pension distribution. A good international divorce lawyer will advise you on these matters.

StEp 3:

If in your case foreign law applies to certain sub-issues, or if the Dutch court is not competent to decide on some of the issues, the expert lawyer of Küppers & Odekerken will work together with an expert international divorce lawyer abroad. If you think an international divorce is involved, feel free to contact our office.

How much does a divorce cost?

We are very clear about our fee. The rate is €278.30 per hour all-in, because office costs and other hidden surcharges we don't believe in those at Küppers & Odekerken.

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